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  • Do I need to pay for a consultation?
    No. All consultations are FREE.
  • Will I need to have money to hire you?
    No. Personal injury attorneys work on "contingency" - meaning you only pay us if we get you a settlement. You do NOT need money to hire me to work on your injury case.
  • Do you need to meet with me in person to sign me up?
    No. I believe modern technology when it comes to client sign-ups is key. I usually sign clients up electronically via e-sign and then if they want to meet in person we schedule a time to meet at my office at a later date.
  • Can we schedule a ZOOM consultation?
    Absolutely and there is no charge for ZOOM consultations.
  • Is there a charge if you give me a referral to another attorney?
    No! If a referral fee is permitted between attorneys it would be paid out of the fee from the attorney I refer you to.


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